Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Conditions of participation

  • The courses can be attended by adults who are healthy and able to swim.
  • Children from the age of 10 years can participate only if accompanied by a parent and with written authorization.
  • Anyone with diseases or physical problems must declare this before the start of the activity, for example: hernia, joint problems, diabetes, heart problems, perforations of the eardrum or any other type of pathology.
  • People under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot participate in the proposed activity.

Article 2 - Booking

  • You can book by email, by phone or in person; making a reservation implies unconditional acceptance of the general conditions set out in this web page.
  • Canyoning vouchers are non-refundable. The customer may transfer it to third parties by informing us by email.

Article 3 - Cancellation by the organization

  • In case of rain or too high torrent level or other force majeure causes, the activity will be cancelled by exclusive decision of the Mountain Guide and Scuola di Alpinismo Mountain Experience. An alternative date will be proposed or a refund of any money already paid will be proposed.
  • The activity can be cancelled by the organization for failure to reach the minimum number, in this case the deposit paid will be refunded and nothing else can be requested.

Article 4 - Cancellation by the participant

  • Cancellation by the participant, or absence of the participant at the beginning of the activity does not imply any refund of the entry fee. Until the day before the activity the participant has the right to find a substitute.
  • Cancellation within 15 days before the day of the activity entitles the participant to a full refund of the entry fee, excluding accounting and bank charges incurred.
  • Cancellation between 15 days and 5 days before the day of the activity entitles the participant to a refund of 50 % of the amount already paid, excluding accounting and bank charges
  • Cancellation from the 4th day before the day of the activity does not give the right to any refund of the entry fee.

Article 5 - Fees and equipment

  • The course entry fees include the equipment and services of the Mountain Guide - Master of Mountaineering, Specialized in Canyoning and are intended for groups of 6 people, for smaller groups the organisation will provide, if possible, to form groups of sufficient number or agree with the participant the different entry fee. Discounts for groups are applied: one free every 10 people.
  • Equipment provided for canyoning, unless otherwise agreed: complete 5 mm neoprene wetsuit with hood, neoprene boots, canyoning harness with double safety lanyard and eight-lanyard descender + carabiner, helmet. All equipment, where necessary, are PPE (Individual Protection Devices) approved according to EN, CE and UIAA standards currently in force. Canyoning shoes.
  • Does not include: Swimsuit, towel and everything not specified above.

Article 6 - Insurance

  • The person responsible for the activity is the Mountain Guide who accompanies the group and is insured with compulsory professional liability insurance against third parties for a minimum of € 10 million which covers exclusively the professional activity.
  • The organization provides free accident insurance that exclusively covers the following cases: hospitalization per diem € 25,00=/g, allowance in case of convalescence after hospitalization € 12,50=/g, per diem for plaster casts € 12,50=/g, permanent disability € 50.000,00= in percentage according to the insurance tables or death € 25.000,00=. For illness, accidents of any kind both before and after the scheduled activity. Participants will have to take out an accident policy on their own if they wish.
  • For canyoning routes in Val Bodengo and other canyons and for other activities only in Italy, the costs of a possible helicopter rescue are covered by specific insurance.

Article 7 - Obligations of the participant

  • The participant must follow the instructions of the Mountain Guide during the activity. In case of non-compliance with the instructions, the Guide may decide to exclude the participant at any time, in order to ensure the safety of the participants and the proper conduct of the activity. During the activity each participant will have to follow the following minimum rules: wait for his turn to make a passage according to the guide's instructions; avoid endangering the other participants; do not take own initiatives not authorized by the Mountain Guide.
  • To be admitted to take part in the activity the participant will have to fill in a responsibility assumption form before the start of the activity, online or on paper.

Article 8 - Jurisdiction and applicable legislation.

  • In case of litigation of any kind the Court of Sondrio and Italian law is competent. Foreign courts and laws are excluded.

The activity is organized by Scuola di Alpinismo Mountain Experience . PI : 00961360146
This translation was made as a matter of convenience and is accurate to our best knowledge. In case of doubt or dispute, the Italian version of these Terms and Conditions will be applicable.